Scuba Diver Diving Course Tenerife

The course Scuba Diver is a sub course of the Open Water Diver course. It is fantastic for people who would like to do the Open Water course but they don’t have the time and would like to break it down into two parts over this and the next holiday. Having achieved Scuba Diver level, the maximum depth is 12m done over 2 dives and roughly half the theory of Open Water diver. This means you can complete the Open Water course easily on you next holiday.

1/2 days maximum 12m

Diving equipment

NEOPRENSUIT + SHOES Included in the price
FINS Included in the price
DIVING MASK Included in the price
REGULATOR Included in the price
TANKS 10-15 LITERS Included in the price


The one-time annual fee of € 25.00 you can be counted on request.

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