Try – Dive Course

The Try Dive takes about 3 hours and incl. a litte theory, some easy skills in the shallow water and a open water dive for about 45 minutes to max. 12 meter depth.

The Theory– In the beginning, your Instructor will teach you the knowledge necessary to conduct your first dive. This about 20 min briefing will cover everything from equipment usage and hand signals to equalization techniques.

Costa Adeje                   3-4 Hours                 max. 12 Meters

With Ocean Trek you can enjoy an unforgettable experience. A try dive is a first step in diving where you can begin the underwater adventure. A try dive gives you an explanation of the equipment and the things you should know, and once you have the theory and equipment knowledge, we go to the Dive Site where we go underwater slowly and safely without any hurry.

The maximum depth for a try dive is 12 m and lasts between 45 and 55 minutes depending on how much air you use. We need you to be available for about 4 hours in total. You can enjoy diving with turtles and other marine species.

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